Featured Item: Limited Edition Static 6 Pack Bags

6 Pack Bags released a new color, static, in July. This new color is an excellent edition to an already popular line. 6 Pack Bags are multi-functional bags that include an insulated core with meal container trays and other space to carry your daily essentials. Whether you are commuting to work, running errands, or flying across the country, there is a 6 Pack bag to meet your meal management needs. 

  6 pack bags static edition

Expedition 300 Backpack

The Expedition Backpack offers comprehensive meal management capabilities while storing gear for the gym and technology for the office. See more.


Mini Innovator

Made for travel and commuting. Includes strap on the back panel so you can slide it through your carry-on luggage handle. See more.

innovator 300 staticInnovator 300

Packing food for travel is effortless with the Innovator 300. See More.


Welcome to our store!

There are a few things we would like to share with you:

Every item in our store has been included in our inventory because we believe it will help you enjoy more efficient travel and/ or maintain a healthier lifestyle on the go! Whether your business travel life leads you to foreign countries or across town for a meeting, we want you to feel confident that you can be healthy on the go.

We are a small business with a large mission-                  
Improve the quality of business travel life for people like YOU!  

 Our company was founded in 2014 by Kristina Portillo, who  saw a need to help  business travelers  incorporate a healthier  lifestyle into frequent travel. She  created Business Travel Life  to pursue her  passion of fitness & travel while  helping other  travelers to get in  shape. Kristina is the only full time employee,  but we have some other wonderful ladies who  work with us  part time.

 In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must commit to that  lifestyle at home  and during travel.  Our  store offers a  variety  of products that can be used during  travel, at the office and at  home.  Most of our  products have been tested personally by us!!  

For example, we sell SFH PURE Whey protein because it actually tastes good, does not have fillers or chemicals and is made from grass fed cows- overall it is a high quality protein that we use on a daily basis and want to share with you. For added convenience, we carry it in travel size packets and 2 lb. bags!

Our store also includes travel essentials such as packing organizers. As many savvy travelers know, organization is the key to packing success! We have personally used all of the packing organizers to travel internationally before selling them and highly recommend giving them a try. 

Make sure you visit our company's website - BusinessTravelLife.com for our travel tips, hotel workouts, road warrior interviews and more!

Thank you for visiting our store!

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