Featured Item: WearBands

Featured Item: Wearbands



Wearable resistance band system for challenging workouts anywhere! 


The Wearbands® Training System is a welcomed addition to any travel workout.

Working out during travel can be challenging. Not every hotel has an adequate gym and limited packing space restricts options for workout equipment you can travel with. This new system of wearable resistance allows you to challenge yourself with little equipment doing exercises in any location- your hotel room, outside, or in the gym.
As the name suggests, the Wearbands® training system is a wearable resistance band system that adds no-impact resistance to any movement. The idea behind Wearbands® is to add resistance to something you were already doing (running, plyos, yoga, walking, etc.). Essentially, Wearbands® create the opportunity for a more efficient and challenging workout. And when we say more efficient, we are not kidding. You will burn an extra 20-25% more calories when you add Wearbands® to your workout.

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