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This Super Mini Travel Bathroom Scale is a great travel tool. The sleek and ultra thin design makes it one of the lightest bathroom scales on the market. This scale is also great to leave at your office, gym locker, or wherever you may need to weigh yourself. The Super Mini Travel Bathroom Scale is also accurate and easy to use. You simply step on the scale, wait for the red dot light on the top middle to light up and start weighing. While you stand still, the red light will turn green and display your weight on the big display screen. Then, you can step off to see your weight. You will have 10 seconds to see your weight, and the scale will shut off in 10 seconds automatically to save power.

Super Mini Travel Bathroom Scale weight only 1.25 pounds. 

Dimensions: 5.5" X 8.5" X .5"

You may want to save the foam holder and gift box to carry the scale while you travel.

We can special order this scale in white, however, there are complaints that the white scale has more of a green tint to it, so we are not keeping the white color in stock. Please email us if you would like to special order it.

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